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  • South Korea South Korea
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Through the effects of the moment deodorization 99.9% and the working principle to suppress the production of fungus, Fragrance BALRAL, having ability to suppress athlete’s foot and to make a sweet smell, is a professional deodorant exclusively for shoes.
A buyer of unique sense can not miss to seledt Fragrance BALRAL.

You can find 2 kinds of fragrance - Forest Fragrance and Rose Fragrance.
In addition each fragrance has 2 kinds of volume - 20ml for portable and 300ml for family-size - to meet customer’s various demand.

Shoes full of fragrance. You need to make sure who need

Be with fragrance BALRAL, anytime, anywhere, in life.
1. Good for business use of fancy restaurant such as Korean restaurant and Japanese
reataurant making your shoes taken off.
2. Good for the use of customer service at fitness centers, golf driving ranges, and
sports centers.
3. Good for training shoes and combat boots for professional soldiers and working shoes
for factory people, and for the use of corporate gift.
4. Good for necessities of life at home, school and office.

Type of spray makes it easier to use

How to spread on shoes
Spray enough to get both inside and outside of shoes wet on shoes about 10~20 cm away from the shoes, and wear the shoes after fully drying up.
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